OEM Chek Chart

We scan your vehicle’s VIN when you arrive and ask for your mileage. We cross reference this information with our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Recommended Maintenance Schedule (RMS) in Check Chart database to determine the servicing items recommended for your vehicle as specified by the manufacturer of that vehicle AND as those recommendations relate to our previous history on your vehicle.

RSM™ Multi Fluid Tests

We are proud to introduce the latest technology that provides our clients with a visual of the quality of the fluids present in their vehicle at the time of inspection. We do this by placing test droplets of each fluid on our patented media paper to help provide additional data in deciding what fluids do or do not need replacing. This added service can save our clients money by helping them select which fluids don’t necessarily need to be changed OR by helping them select those fluids that SHOULD be changed along with the OEM’s mileage warranty requirements – thus avoiding other damages to their vehicle if left unattended.

28 Point Inspection

Your vehicle’s safety and reliability is important to us. Our comprehensive 28-point inspection will ensure your vehicle will get you where you need to go in comfort and safety. We cover the exterior of your vehicle, under the hood and under the vehicle.


Your vehicle maintenance is not complete without inspection and upkeep of your tires.  At Lube Stop, we offer TPMS, Seasonal changeovers, balancing, rotations, wheel nut locking services, tire removal/replacement, fleet discounts and more.

Auto Parts

If you are a DIY kind of person and need help finding the right auto parts for a task at hand, please let us know.  At some of our Lube Stop sites, we offer full auto part ordering service.

Mechanical Repairs

Lubestop specializes in vehicle maintenance.  Sometimes that includes mechanical repair.  


canadian oil for canadian drivers lube stop tire Canadian Oil for Canadian Drivers

Stop by our Canadian Lube Stops for Canadian Oil for Canadian Drivers!

As Canadian drivers, we realize that SEVERE weather is normal for us – be it the extreme summer heat or the icy winter colds. That’s why Lube Stop has partnered up with Petro-Canada Lubricants (A HollyFrontier Brand) to deliver vehicle maintenance services using only those oils, lubricants, greases and fluids that can stand up to our severe climate extremes, while supporting our country’s economic future.

Petro-Canada’s lubricants include a full range of options for motor oils from standard conventional to high mileage to high performance synthetics and synthetic blends. Of course, all these oils have the seal from the American Petroleum Institute (API) for quality in preventing oxidation resistance, deposit protection, wear protection, and low-temperature/high-temperature performance over the life of the oil.

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