Below is an outline of our standard 8 step START-UP PROCESS to help guide you through the process of owning and running your own Lube Stop franchise – from inception to grand opening.

  • Scouting

    Finding the right location for a Lube Stop is one of the most critical steps in setting up a new franchise. Location, location, location! We work hard to help our new franchise owners scout out the right location(s) and to assist them to negotiate the best acquisition terms for the property.

  • Interviewing and Assessing

    Finding the right leader to run the new franchise location is also an important step to starting a new Lube Stop site. It takes an individual with experience, personality, common sense, resourcefulness. leadership and an appreciation for standard process.

  • Start-up Mentoring

    Once an agreement has been established with the new owner, we'll begin the mentoring process for building out the start-up business plan, implementing the plan, assisting with the hiring and training program, and then putting in place a system for longer term support of the operations and business.

  • Start-up Planning

    The start-up business plan will cover off all aspects necessary in getting the new location financed, acquired, designed, blueprinted, built, stocked, furnished, resourced, organized and ready for its grand opening.

  • Implementing

    Implementation of the start-up plan will be executed over a period of months. Depending on circumstances, this could take as little as a few months to complete. We will help support the new owner throughout the process to ensure the most timely delivery, solid quality and least expense based on our experience with other locations and lessons learned.

  • Hiring

    Recruiting is also key to building a successful franchise operation. We have a standard process for recruiting, interviewing and hiring. This step is generally taking place concurrently with the implementation of the business plan. This is necessary to start early as the staff and their training will be key to a successful grand opening and early operational success.

  • Training

    Once a team has been hired, training will take place. This training is generally held several weeks prior to the grand opening. The training covers off the "5-7 Pillars" of the operation including: OEM Chek Chart system, RSM fluid test system, Havoline Advantage, and the 28 Point Inspection process.

  • Support

    As the new location operates during its first year, support will be necessary. The programs used in the start-up will continue to be used to help guide the owner through the first year. Additionally, new systems, upgraded systems, marketing programs, etc. will also be provided.

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