Lube Stop Systems, Inc.

Lube Stop Systems, Inc. is a full lube service company with franchises in both Alberta and Saskatchewan – and quickly expanding throughout Western Canada. Lube Stop offers lube services including: oil changes, fluid testing, cooling systems, air filtration, drivetrains, electrical systems and more. So bring your cars, trucks, SUVs, hybrids, vans, motorcycles, fleets and all to us for servicing.

Lube Industry Leadership!

Our strategy is to continue to grow the Lube Stop franchise with brand new locations across Western Canada, using highly repeatable processes, mentoring at all stages and continually applying our lube industry leadership to continued improvement.

New Locations

We are continually scouting out new locations and assisting new franchise owners with planning and assessment.

Repeatable Process

We use our well defined processes for starting new franchises, running new franchises and marketing new franchises.


We take a serious hands-on approach to assisting new franchisees throughout the life of the business. The franchise owner is NEVER left without support.

Corporate Leadership

We never stops researching, adapting, testing and building new methods, disciplines and best practices.

Lube Stop Management Position

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Branch Manager Position in Regina

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