Lube Stop offers a Fleet Servicing program for our corporate customers in need of maintaining their fleet of business vehicles.

Our fleet servicing inspection program offers a full range of fleet services, including:

  • OEM Chek Chart servicing by scanning your VIN and cross referencing to the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s service charts
  • 28 Point Auto Service Inspections
  • RSM™ Fluid Tests on all your vehicles fluids
  • Provide Havoline Advantage premium products and discounts
  • Inspect and service any tires in need of maintenance
  • and much more!

Our fleet servicing maintenance plan offers a full range of fleet services:

  • priority scheduling of vehicles for regular scheduled fleet maintenance programs;
  • replacement of motors oils, transmission oils, coolants, anti-freeze, power steering fluid, gear oils, tires, filter & wiper blades;
  • monthly consolidated billing and reporting;
  • account management through a single individual;
  • multiple location servicing;
  • early/late hour servicing;
  • discounts for fleet employees (including friends and family extensions).
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