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Make sure you’re ready for road trips and fun in the sun. Backed by Interstate’s worry-free, nationwide warranty, our car, truck, RV, marine, motorcycle and golf cart batteries power you through with confidence.

Stop by Lube Stop and we’ll get you IN, OUT and ON YOUR WAY!  Just reference this coupon and we’ll take care of the rest.

Alberta!  We are working on getting this discount for you, too!

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Drop by any of our stores and reference these coupons when paying for your services to redeem these savings.

We appreciate your business and work hard to keep the costs down on your behalf.  Hope to see you soon!


We all know that our vehicles are essential to our family’s livelihoods. We use them to get back and forth to work, taxi our kids to and fro, run errands, socialize with others, tend to emergency situations, haul things around and so on.  They play an integral part of our everyday lives.  So, we can’t neglect their care.  At Lube Stop we get that and we take it seriously. We recognize the importance of your vehicle’s maintenance. But we also understand that not everyone has the time or inclination to be their own mechanic.  So, we’ve got you covered.  Come see us on a regular basis and we’ll keep your family vehicle(s) tuned and ready at all times.  Thanks for trusting us with one of your most valued assets.

In addition to caring for your vehicle, we also understand that the cost can be a burden at times.  To help you keep costs down, we scan and scout the various suppliers websites and promos so we can pass those along to you.  If you don’t know about them, you can’t use them.  That’s why we manage this coupon system on your behalf.  Just sign up and wait for notifications form us that more savings are on their way.

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